What does Retrofit car mean?

The main car-manufacturer are already placing themselves on the market with electric cars, but usually with higher prices compared with the ones of endothermic cars.

To retrofit a car means to use a traditional vehicle as the base for the building of an electric one.

It all starts from an accurate project, in which everything is examined: dimensions, weights and obstacles of every component which are going to be installed in a specific model of vehicle.
Likewise, the choosing of the components which are going to “transform” the vehicle is as much important and it is made on the basis of the chassis. Starting cars are then bought, accurately and individually controlled and mechanically inspected.

Every component which is not useful to the project is eliminated from the starting vehicle:

  • engine
  • tank
  • clutch
  • smoke exhaust ducting system
  • motor oil
  • etc..

Subsequentely, specific hardware is built to support and contain the electric components.
After the assembly of the electric components, the car is tested at the mechanic’s workshop, before being validated by a certificated company.
The car is now ready for its new “electrifying” life.