What do I need to charge the battery at home?

A normal socket is enough, to which you can attach a charger to guarantee the “slow” charging option to your car (from 4 to 8 hours).

However, it is advisable to install a charging column especially built for this purpose, which guarantees more safety for the home system and the batteries.

The columns are actually born to communicate with the batteries and to provide the right charging bend. They are also equipped with electronic safety tools, which guarantee protection from over-voltage and imprudent interferences.

It is possible to program the columns, by setting power, starting and stopping time of the recharge, depending on domestic needs and – if you own a photovoltaic system – depending on the prompt energy produced by it.

If you need a faster recharge and you have a more powerful supply, you can choose to install more efficient columns, reducing the charging time to just a few hours.